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The demands on technical components are continuously increasing. The premise: high performance with low weight. This requires the use of innovative sandwich composite materials. With our high-quality 3D|CORE™ solutions and products, you not only obtain high-strength and lighter components at the same time, but also increase your productivity and optimize the profitability of your production. Each of our products is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

We offer a select range of structurally reinforcing 3D|CORE™ foam cores for the production of sandwich components. These can be molded in 3D and guarantee optimal resin flow. 3D|CORE™ is the first choice for reducing the weight of a component and increasing the rigidity of a sandwich construction.

In order to secure our competence lead in lightweight construction in the long term, we offer our own material composite solutions that can be individually adapted to your customer requirements and are competently solved and implemented.

Our solutions and products are fully integrated and fulfill several functions necessary for a lightweight and sustainable composite component. They can carry high loads, are resistant to bending and withstand extreme pressures. Products made from 3D|CORETM are characterized by extreme durability. They do not absorb any moisture, do not rot and the face sheets do not peel off from the sandwich.

In addition to our own 3D|CORETM products, other, different materials can also be used. This is defined by the application area, as well as the customer's requirements. Through the optimal combination of our products and solutions, innovative composite constructions with outstanding properties are created.

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