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The demands placed on modern rail systems in terms of safety, energy efficiency and weight are becoming ever greater. Rail vehicles must last for decades and must not wear out prematurely despite daily acceleration and deceleration processes. The Europe-wide fire protection requirement, in accordance with DIN EN 45545-2, presents designers with additional challenges in the selection of suitable materials. Furthermore, the issues of sustainability and safety now play a major role in the development of modern rail vehicles.

To meet all these requirements, the use of non-metallic lightweight materials is particularly suitable. Due to their low weight, these not only reduce the energy requirements of the vehicles, but also reduce wear on the rail systems and keep maintenance costs low thanks to their high corrosion resistance.

Our 3D|CORE™ lightweight rail solution has outstanding fire protection properties, good thermal insulation and sound attenuation and combine low weight with excellent bending strength, dimensional stability and impact strength.

Passenger safety is our top priority. To meet this primary objective, especially in the event of a fire, our materials can be used in a wide variety of interior and exterior applications in rail passenger transport, including local and long-distance trains, trams, subways and cable cars, as well as rail freight transport.


With our 3D|CORE™ RAIL fire protection solution, components and assemblies easily meet the requirements of Hazard Level 3 according to EN 45545-2 and still have a significantly lower final weight than is possible with existing solutions. Due to the low weight of the individual system components, we reduce the energy requirements of rail vehicles and increase their long-term durability.The 3D|CORE™ fire protection system consists of 3D|CORE™ PET FR foam core, FR injection resin, 3D|CORE™ FR SEALING and a FR gelcoat. FR stands for fire retardant. In case of fire, the 3D|CORE™ FR SEALING acts as an insulator against radiant heat, protecting the component against flames. To achieve these excellent fire resistance properties, other systems have to apply disproportionately more glass fiber and additional fire protection resin to their component. Due to the low density and optimized insulation properties of 3D|CORE™ FR SEALING, our fire protection system is significantly lighter than other systems and much easier and faster to process. Since you save not only weight but also larger amounts of fiberglass and resin with our 3D|CORE™ fire protection system, sustainability, as well as your competitiveness, is drastically increased. In addition, our 2 CL system (two color layers in red and green) guarantees low maintenance and servicing costs.


  • Fire protection HL3 according to EN 45545-2 for R1, R7, R10, R17
  • High weight saving potential
  • Maximum design freedom
  • Excellent technical properties
  • Easy processing in vacuum infusion or hand laminate
  • Integration into functional groups


With our optimized and customized quick kits, you can design your production efficiently, economically and sustainably. Your 3D|CORE™ ASSEMBLY KIT is created from your 2D or 3D drawing. To ensure the fastest possible component production, the quick assembly kits consist of both cut-to-size core material as well as scrim and fabric cuttings. Of course, they are also available with the appropriate fire protection class.

From your drawing, to the cutting plan, to the finished kit.

We are also happy to optimize your existing kit.

  • 50% lighter
  • 40% less fibers
  • Low component volume

  • Excellent fatigue strength
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Long service life & low maintenance costs

  • Savings in production time
  • Cutted fibers and foam cores
  • Reduced scrap
  • Sustainable & recyclable
  • Massive cost savings
  • Everything from a single source

We support you in all decisive phases of the value chain: from your idea to production.

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