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Composite components are sandwich constructions which consist of different materials with different properties. A sandwich construction normally consists of a top layer - core - top layer (laminate plan). These will be hold together by using a matrix (e.g. synthetic resin).

The properties of each component have an effect on the mechanical properties of the finished composite part. With our specially developed 3D|Calculator we can calculate the mechanical properties of sandwich components with a 3D|CORE foam core.

  • Cantilever test
  • 3-point bending test
  • 4-point bending test

  • Shear strength
  • Shear modulus
  • Flexural stiffness
  • Flexural modulus

The calculated characteristic values ​​can be verified in our physical-technical test laboratory. The laminate plan can be modified and adapted depending on the load case. It is also possible to test existing sandwich structures and determine their characteristics.

We are happy to manufacture the test specimens for you according to your specifications, or you can provide us with finished test specimens. With our Zwick-Roll universal testing machine we determine all important parameters, such as shear, compression and flex on site. You can use the material card with the determined characteristic values ​​for your simulations.

Our extensive material database is constantly being expanded through personal contribution or student work. You can benefit from our experience and the cooperation with colleges and universities.

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