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Corporate Compliance 3D|CORE GmbH & Co. KG

3D|CORE represents technical competence, power of innovation as well as customer oriented and motivated handling through responsible employees, as is the tradition as a respectable salesman. This is the basis for our good reputation with our customers, partners in cooperation and as member of the society. For a successful business like 3D|CORE total compliance with all laws is a core value. Corruption as well as cartel- and export violations are not amongst methods which we apply at any level in order to gain business. For our dealings internally and externally we see it as appropriate to forgo such strategies and methods in order to achieve goals as to not be in violation of laws, norms and values.

The management of 3D|CORE carries the responsibility for this compliance commitment in order to ensure the ongoing efforts to align ourselves with all laws and introduced this unmistakable into our own company guidelines. This is aimed at protecting our customers, partners and employees equally. Using our compliance-program we have taken further steps in order to solidify our position in obeying all laws against corruption, cartel type dealings as well as all further standards imposed. Violations of these will not be tolerated and action against any involvement will be taken immediately. The management, directors and all individual employees have awareness of this extraordinary risk, where a violation relating to 3D|CORE has implications affecting all parties within the company. Each employee is asked to actively work on the implementation of the company guidelines with responsibility and being accountable for their actions.

3D|CORE GmbH & Co. KG
Fritz M. Streuber

Partially inspired by Schuler