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The expansion of wind turbines is essential for achieving the climate targets. However, several tons of CO2 could already be saved in the production of the turbines. We support you in reducing your costs and contributing to a sustainable world. 3D|CORE™ products save large amounts of fibre and thus reduce the weight of rotor blades, nacelles and spinners. At the same time, strength, stiffness, resilience and service life are increased.

For particularly large components, such as rotor blades, 3D|CORE™ ROLLS, as up to 64 meters of foam core can be effortlessly unrolled and placed in the mould. With customized fix-in-place™ ASSEMBLY KITS, we increase your production capacity by reducing production time, manufacturing costs and material consumption. Due to the shortened process time, enormous energy savings can be achieved even before the system is put into operation. In terms of sustainability, 3D|CORE™ foam cores are also extremely durable and recyclable. This means they can be reused at the end of their operating life.

Significant Benefits:

  • Low weight
  • High stiffness and strength
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Easy processing
  • No unnecessary material consumption
  • Sustainable materials

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