3D CORE,lightweight components,honeycomb


PLUG & SAIL! High requirements for marine applications are easy and fast to realize with customized boards and kits from 3D|CORE™.


One 3D|CORE™ structure for all boat parts.

  • Hull
  • Deck
  • Mast
  • Keel section
  • Interior
  • Crossbars
  • Frames
  • Seating
  • etc.


  • Excellent shear and compression properties
  • Light and strong
  • High damage tolerance
  • 3D|CORE PET 100 DNVGL certificated
  • Flexible - tapes for winding applications

As we come from the marine sector we know about the huge costs and inefficient construction methods that are common in construction yachts. With the 3D|CORE™ material we found a way to reach an economical production process with an excellent performance for light and rigid sailing yachts and more.

3D|CORE™ - the technology to build without milling, pressure or heat.

Our engineers would be glad to provide you with their expertise for your next project.

Send us your building plan - we will be pleased to give you advise and help you with our know-how and long-term experience.