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3D|CORE is your qualified partner with innovative lightweight solutions for a sustainable future. Based on our many years of know-how in the field of fibre composite components and as a manufacturer of structure-reinforcing foam cores, we have developed into an esteemed solution provider of composites (fibre composite construction) focused on lightweight construction to meet our high standards of sustainability and environmental protection.

As we know: every gram counts!

We cover the engineering and material design to enable our clients‘ production of lightweight and performance-optimized components. The creation of sustainability concepts and the implementation of an efficiency calculation helps you to achieve a resource-friendly component production.

Because we focus on our customers!

As your flexible solution provider, we offer innovative and perfectly coordinated products: from the fibre to the foam core and appropriate resin system. In addition, you can benefit from the manufacturing of our assembly kits and prototypes for series production.

With our tailor-made lightweight solutions, we make the most out of your ideas and products. We support you reliably at every step of your value chain. In this way, we actively improve your market success and enable a quick market launch in industries such as marine, railway and transport.

Be faster than your competition!


LIGHWEIGHT – FLEXIBLE – RELIABLE : all around composites



"Innovative lightweight constructions: higher strength, less resin, less consumables, and short cycle times"