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In the 1990s, enormous costs and outdated manufacturing methods stood in the way of efficient yacht construction. For the later founder and passionate sailor Fritz M. Streuber, after a conversation with the renowned yacht designer Philippe Briand on the sidelines of a regatta in 1998, it was clear: only a complete rethinking of the production processes could lead to a change. Since the Streuber family had already been dealing with various plastics for generations as owners of the traditional company SULO, the conversation gave Fritz M. Streuber no peace of mind and just one year later he founded the company ESC (Extended Structured Composites) in Herford.

Under the brand name 3D|CORE™, the company developed innovative structure-reinforcing foam cores, revolutionizing not only the construction of yachts but of products for a wide range of applications.

Today the days of the garage are over. In these days, the core product 3D|CORE™ gives its name to the entire company. Production is still located in Herford, but in an environmentally friendly building complex with state-of-the-art technology.

  • The company ESC was founded

  • Beginning of the basic researches and the development of the first tools for 3D|CORE™

  • Production of the first prototypes

  • Beginning of serial production of 3D|CORE™ made with 3D|CORE™ PET

  • Extension of the product range of 3D|CORE™ with E|PUR (no longer in the range today) and 3D|CORE™ XPS

  • Scientific proof of the technical advantages in pressure, shear and flexural strength, compared with other foam systems

  • Cooperation with Frimo Lotte, researching the application of RTM

  • Changing the name of the company ESC into 3D|CORE™ to consolidate the brand presence as an individual brand
  • Scientific evidence of the substitution of carbon fibers by 3D|CORE™ with flat moulded parts

  • Completion and occupancy of the new production hall in Herford
  • Introduction of the fix-in-place™ ASSEMBLY KITS

  • Improvement of the 3D|CORE™ HX structure and concomitant improvement of the mechanical properties

  • Introduction of 3D|CORE™ DT and RB structures
  • Introduction of an improved 3D|CORE™ XPS
  • Introduction of the 3D|CORE™ ROLLS

  • Introduction of 3D|CORE™ PET FR and 3D|CORE™ PET GR
  • Receipt of the "German Innovation Award" as project partner for the ULTRALIGHTWEIGHTSEAT

  • Introducing 3D|CORE™ TAPES specifically for industrial winding applications

  • Conversion of 3D|CORE™ PET 100 foam cores to recycled 3D|CORE™ PET GR 95
  • Receipt of the "German Design Award Gold" as project partner for the ULTRALIGHTWEIGHTSEAT