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The challenge today: reduce the volume weight, but at the same time increase the performance, range and productivity of vehicles and machines in a wide variety of industries, while still achieving savings in raw materials, costs and energy. We say: Challenge accepted!

Our experienced engineering team supports you in finding the perfect composite solution for your project. Together we will develop your ideas further and take on new challenges in order to develop the optimal lightweight solution for you. We support you in the design and construction, in the material selection, in the verification through material testing, in the optimization of the fibre composite components as well as in the production. In this way, we enable you to manufacture high-quality components in the shortest possible time.

Lightweight construction is part of our corporate DNA. Therefore we reliably support our customers in all phases of their value chain. As an extended workbench, you benefit from our expertise - from drawing to production.

Concentrate on your core competency and we will take care of the rest.