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By comparing possible lay-up combinations (topology) regarding their technical properties, we are able to optimize your planned laminate plan even more. We find the balance between weight and performance for you. Thanks to our continuous materials research, we have an extensive database at our disposal, consisting of empirically determined parameters of different composite materials.

The best composite materials

Our development engineers are always actively involved in new material decisions in particular. In order to always be able to make customer-oriented decisions in the area of material and raw material selection, we work exclusively with globally recognized manufacturers.

Our 3D|CORE™ PET foams, available in FR (fire retardant), GR (recycled), and XPS always form the core of our solutions. To decrease your procurement expenses for additional composite materials, we are also supplying fibres, resins, fillers, additives, coatings and consumables fitting your application.

3D|CORE™ fibre composite construction vs. monolithic structure

A sandwich structure is needed wherever lightweight construction is required. We optimize existing sandwich structures and transform a monolithic structure into a sandwich structure. Our 3D|CORE™ structure enables the saving of expensive fibre layers. The technical properties of the sandwich structure are immensely improved and that with reduced component weight.

The use of 3D|CORETM enables the reduction of fiber layers. This saves weight and improves the technical properties at the same time.

With 3D|CORETM you have the possibility of replacing the initial and more expensive design through a more economical combination.