FOAM Types

If you look for affordable lightweight systems, we recommend the following 3 foam types for a wide range of applications:

1. XPS Extruded Polystyrene - NEW!

We have checked a lot different polystyrene foams and the best is an industrial grade with a density about 42 kg.

3D|CORE™ XPS is a polystyrene foam which is used for insulation purposes.

The resin uptake in the surface is very moderate and it is about 200 gr /² at the surface of the foam panel.

The shear modulus of the basic material is about 17 MPa and can go up to 90 MPa with our Delta structure.

The compresion modulus of the basic material is about 30 MPa and it can go up to 300 MPa.

Only Epoxy resin is recommended
The recommended vacuum pressure is - 0.5 bar.
The recommended injection pressure is + 0.5 bar to 1 bar.
The curing temperature should not go over 50º C
The tempering temperature after curing should be not over 80°C.

2.PET Polyethylenterephthalate

PET is a polymer widely used in packaging and if you use bottle A grade PET you get a very tough core material. This foam can be used for wide range of process pressures and temperatures and it fits nearly to all resin systems.

3. PMI NX - next generation of Polymethacrylimide - NEW !

PMI - foam isone of the most famous high performance foam systems in the world. Today we are happy to be the exclusive importer in Europe for our partner HyboFoam. HyboFoam has developed a new fully automated process and new chemistry that saves time and energy. This gives us the chance to supply you with this excellent foam material for a competitive price.
For 3D|Core™ the new HyboCore 80 opens up the possibility to serve you with a 3D|CORE - system suitable for high pressure and high temperatures.

Technical Details of PMI - Polymethacrylimide

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